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Professional Staffs, Fellow Experts and Interns

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Professional Staffs

CEST Nepal is run by of a small team of professional staffs. There is also a provision of having various subject-matter specialists in the pull who serve as Fellow Experts in their respective field.





Mr. Ram Chandra Sedai

Executive Director and Tourism Specialist (Part-time)

Masters in Buddhism and Himalayan Studies- MBHS (Last semester running), Masters in Tourism Studies (MTS), Bachelors in Forestry, BBA

More than 20 years of experiences in tourism, heritage preservation, biodiversity conservation, livelihoods

Mr. Yubaraj Lama

Culture and Inclusive Development Expert (part-time)

Masters in Anthropology

More than 10 years of experience in culture, anthropology, tourism, Himalayan studies

Mr. Subash Sharma Poudel

Community Development Expert & Field Coordinator (Part-time)

Masters in Rural Development

More than 10 years of experience in community development, tourism and livelihoods

Mr. Bind Ram Yadav

Field Coordinator (Part-time)

Intermediate in Education

More than 10 years of working experience in Culture, arts, tourism and community development

Ms. Kristina Sedai

Junior Officer

Cambridge A Level (Math, Sociology and Psychology major); Studying Bachelor's on Social Science

More than 1 year of engagement with CEST Nepal gathering experiences in office management, communication, field logistic, social research



Fellow Experts




Dr. Mingma Sherpa

PhD (Conservation governance & management, US); MSc. (Conservation governance & management, US); M.Sc. in protected landscape management and sustainable development (UK)

Himalayan studies, protected area management, tourism, ethnic and indigenous studies, climate change, mountain integrated development

Mr. Chetnath Kanel

PhD Scholar (Pro-poor tourism, KU, Nepal); MPA, MSc. Masters in Resource Management (UK), Diploma in Forestry (UK)

Participatory development, capacity building, sustainable tourism, inclusive development, communication

Dr. Roshan Sherchan

PhD. Environmental Science; MSc. In Resource Management; BSc. BSc. Forestry

Forestry governance, Environment management, Biodiversity conservation, Sustainable development, Climate change, Livelihoods promotion

Ms. Yashodha Basnet

MA (Buddhism and Himalayan Studies); MA (Political Science), MA (Conflict, Peace and Development Studies)

Women empowerment, peace and conflicts, teaching and research on Himalayan Buddhism

Mr. Arun Poudel


High-level text writing, journalism, inclusive democracy, Buddhism, spirituality and mind training

Mr. Prem Pd. Dwadi

PhD Scholar; MA Sociology and Anthropology; BSc. Forestry

More than 20 years of experience in local governance, fiscal planning, natural resource management

Bishwo R. Subedi PhD.


PhD in Tourism, Masters in Tourism Study (MTS), MBA

More than 20 years of experience on tourism, education, buffer zone and human-wildlife conflicts, local governance

Er. Krishna Gautam


MSc. Transportation Engineering, BE, Civil Engineering

More than 5 years of experience in civil engineering with sufficient working experience in trekking trail and heritage based tourism, Karnali tourism Master Plan formulation and so on

Mr. Sandeep Adhikari Masters in Tourism Studies Tourism Expert/HR Lead; more than 10 yers of experience in community based tourism and adventure tourism in Nepal


Interns and Volunteers

CEST Nepal offers opportunity for working as an intern as well as a volunteer. It has already hosted some foreign students successfully for supporting their research and other academic requirements by jointly undertaking projects with CEST Nepal team in the field of tourism, heritage conservation and poverty reduction.


The brief profile of successful foreign students who worked with CEST Nepal include the following:


Background and Areas of Expertise

Mr. Roman Bizard (France)

Worked and researched on community based tourism in Bhaktapur town and Kakrebari areas of Bhaktapur

Mr. William Gossin (France)

Worked on evaluating the effectiveness of pro-poor tourism in Tamanag Heritage Trail, Rasuwa